I know that ‘Buck Fallow & the Corn Hopper’ sounds like a Country & Western duo! Well it’s not, so please don’t be put off reading this….

….I had been noticing lots of deer action around the corn bins in my local wood. I had also been seeing lots of deer droppings which were full of corn. It got me wondering how many other animals and birds utilise this abundance of corn left out on feed rides and in hoppers for the pheasants. I set up one of my Bushnell trail cams for a few days just to see what else was taking advantage of this food supply over this cold and snowy period.
The camera was out for three days and it picked up pheasants, pigeons, jackdaws, rabbits, rats, squirrels, roe deer and fallow deer. The highlight of the clips was this section where the male fallow uses his rutting skills to bring down a corn bin. The problem the buck has is that his antlers make it difficult for him to get his head under the bin when it’s upright, and impossible to get his head inside it when it’s lying down. So the only way he can get his fill of corn is to get the bin tipped over and then to get the corn tipped out, which he appears to do with great ease.

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  1. Jason says:

    Yee-Hah! Great footage.

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